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About us.

Chatt CBD was created to provide an

easy-to-use way of taking CBD products.

These gummy chews are vegan, hand-crafted,

and heat stable. (But what does that mean... heat stable? Well...these gummies won't melt in your car or in your pocket. We know, we've tried! So many other products melt as soon as the temperature gets a bit warm. That is another reason why we were inspired to create these gummies for you.) Our parent company and manufacturing arm, Alkane Analytics, has spent years perfecting this recipe. Every product is made with quality ingredients and attention to detail. 


Once you get a taste for the Chatt CBD gummies, you’ll be glad you did! We fulfill individual orders online, delivered discreetly to your door. We are also available at several local retail stores in the Chattanooga area. Interested in carrying our products?

Contact us:

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